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National strategic plan for avian influenza prevention in the period of 2014-2018 (04/02/2014)

According to the website chinhphu.vn, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recently approved the National Plan for avian influenza prevention in the period of 2014-2018.

   News - Events  -  Home  

Vietnam braces for avian flu outbreaks (02/28/2014)

Low awareness amongst farmers and traders puts Vietnam at risk as the country bans the import of fowl in fear of recent H7N9 outbreaks in China.

  Vietnam minister warns against blood dish amid infection fears (01/13/2014)
  Malaria situation increasing in some provinces of the Central Vietnam (12/12/2013)
  Stopping the risks of malaria drug resistance (09/30/2013)
  Workshop on situation of malaria vectors and proposed use of insecticides for the period 2014 - 2016 (09/10/2013)
   News - Events  -  International  

Gout in Maori and Pacific people linked to protection from malaria (04/15/2014)

Maori and Pacific people's high rates of the arthritic joint disease gout may be related to evolutionary changes protecting against malaria, University of Otago scientists believe.

  Foldscope paper microscope can diagnose malaria, costs 50 cents (03/14/2014)
  Malawi Uses Mobile Phones to Promote Maternal Health (02/24/2014)
  Laser Scanner Detects Malaria Infections in Seconds (01/06/2014)
  MNM Benefit Honors Hillary Clinton, Raises over $1M (12/12/2013)
   News - Events  -  IMPE  

Physiochemical and microbiological laboratories of IMPE Quy Nhon recognized to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards (03/18/2014)

On October 2013, the laboratories of physiochemical and microbiological analysis, belonging to the Molecular Biological Department of IMPE Quy Nhon, were certified to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards, contributing to the service of the food hygience and safety in the health sector.

  Leaders of IMPE-QN paying visit and working with Quang Binh and Quang Tri provinces after Storm No.10 (10/07/2013)
  IMPE-Quy Nhon visiting, giving presents to families in preferential treatment policy and providing voluntary medical examination and treatment for the people in Vinh Kim commune, Vinh Thanh district, Binh Dinh province (08/16/2013)
  Deputy Minister of Health visits and works with IMPE-Quy Nhon (04/01/2013)
  Warning of malaria increase in Central Vietnam in the first months of 2013 (01/18/2013)
   News - Events  -  World Malaria Day 25 April  

World Malaria Day, 25 April 2014 and WHO’s information on malaria, updated March 2014 (04/02/2014)

Global efforts to control and eliminate malaria have saved an estimated 3.3 million lives since 2000, reducing malaria mortality rates by 42% globally and 49% in Africa. Increased political commitment and expanded funding have helped to reduce malaria incidence by 25% globally, and 31% in Africa.

  Gio Linh district (Quang Tri province) responds World malaria Day 24 April 2013 and deploys anti-malaria campaign (05/13/2013)
  Launching Ceremony on propagating "World Malaria Day 25 April 2013" in Phu Yen province, Vietnam (04/26/2013)
  World Malaria Day Theme 2013 - 2015
"Invest in the Future. Defeat Malaria"
  Plan of Launching Ceremony on propagating "World Malaria Day 25 April 2012" in Quang Nam province, Vietnam (04/17/2012)
   Collaborative activities  -  National collaboration  

Training course on Enhancing Vector Control Skills for medical staff at provincial level in Central Vietnam in 2013 (01/01/2014)

With a view to enhancing the effectiveness of the prevention and control of medical insects in general and malaria vectors in particular in Central Vietnam, updating the information and improving technical skills for entomologic staff, the IMPE-Quy Nhon hold the training course o­n malaria vector control skills in 2013 for entomologic staff of the provincial malaria control centres/provincial centres for preventive medicine in 15 provinces of Central Vietnam.

  Workshop on Reviewing Helminthiasis Control in the period 2006-2011 and Deploying the Workplan for the period 2012-2015 (09/30/2012)
  Training course on Helminths Diagnostic Test in the provinces of Central-Western Highland, Vietnam (09/06/2012)
  Training course on "Diagnostic Test of Helminthiasis" for medical staff at provincial and district levels (08/26/2011)
  Training module on communicable disease detection, prevention and control in emergency settings in Central Vietnam (10/29/2010)
   Collaborative activities  -  International collaboration  

$12 Billion Is Pledged to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (12/09/2013)

The world's donor countries o­n Tuesday pledged $12 billion over three years to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The amount was more than the fund took in at its last pledge conference in 2010, but less than the $15 billion it had hoped for. And it is far short of the ambitious goal of $10 billion a year set when the fund was created in 2002.

  Study tour of Karolinska Institutet students at IMPE-Quy Nhon (06/03/2013)
  Workshop on Towards Control and Elimination of Schistosomiasis in the Mekong Sub-Region in Lao PDR (05/24/2013)
  Asia-Pacific nations discuss malaria in Indonesia (03/13/2013)
  Vietnamese Expert Delegation visiting and sharing experience in malaria control in Thailand (01/10/2013)
   Collaborative activities  -  Malaria control for ethnic minorities  

Drug-resistant malaria on the Cambodian border: a new health challenge (12/20/2013)

Malaria programmes have seen death rates plummet in south-east Asia, but some experts warn radical action is needed to protect the world from an emerging strain.

  Anti-malaria competition for ethnic minority in Khanh Vinh district, Khanh Hoa province (08/03/2011)
  Roles of Civil-Army health committee at communes, wards and townships levels in caring and protecting the people (07/09/2010)
  Civil-Army health cooperation for malaria control along the Vietnamese-Laotian border in Quang Tri province, 2009 (11/11/2009)
  Management of malaria and dengue fever at primary healthcare levels in Van Canh district, Binh Dinh province in 2008 (06/12/2009)
   Collaborative activities  -  Global Funds for Malaria control  

Workshop on Review of Project Implementation in the period of 2009-2013 and launching 2014 Workplan of the Viet Nam Global Fund Malaria Control Project (03/31/2014)

On 25th February 2014, in Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, the project management unit (PMU) of Vietnam Global Fund Malaria Control Project organised "Workshop o­n Review of Project Implementation in the period of 2009-2013 and launching 2014 Workplan of the Viet Nam Global Fund Malaria Control Project ".

  Rwanda: Ten Years of Global Fund in Rwanda (02/24/2014)
  Global Fund Results Show Strong Momentum (12/12/2013)
  Global Fund halts contracts over bribes for mosquito bednets in Cambodia (12/02/2013)
  UK makes £1bn 'all or nothing' pledge on Aids, tuberculosis and malaria (09/27/2013)
   Specific research studies  -  Entomology  

Birth Control Plugs Male Malaria Mosquitoes (08/27/2012)

A team of scientists at Yale University is working o­n a new birth-control drug for male mosquitos that could slow the malaria epidemic, a disease that sickens more than 215 million people, killing 655,000 each year.

  Hungry mosquitoes fly farther than you think (11/18/2011)
  Amazing photos of animal eyes (04/26/2011)
  Tsutsugamushi disease in Khanh Hoa province (03/15/2011)
   Specific research studies  -  Malaria parasitology  

Holograms Offer Hope in Fight Against Malaria (11/07/2013)

Scientists have developed a 3D filming technique that could help inform research to stem the spread of malaria.

  Report on one P.ovale infection case in Binh Thuan, Vietnam (09/30/2012)
   Specific research studies  -  Intestinal parasitology  

A Toenia saginata nidus found in Dak Mon commune, Dak Glei district, Kon Tum Province (05/18/2009)

Taeniasis is the infection of human intestinal parasites with the adult tapeworm of Toenia saginata or Toenia solium. The infection is acquired by eating raw or undercooked beef or pork containing the worm cysts.

   Specific research studies  -  Molecular - biology  

Researchers Map Genetic Sequence of Parasitic Worm (01/22/2014)

  Scientists identify resistance gene in malaria parasite (12/20/2013)
  Researchers Discover the Biological Mechanism of Malaria Infection (01/22/2013)
  Molecule 'cures malaria in mice' (09/24/2012)
  Scientists unravel 'other' malaria parasite's DNA code (08/10/2012)
   Publications  -  Published scientific research studies  

Information on insecticides resistance published in international journals (04/02/2014)

World Health Organization: WHO malaria report : 2011. In:WHO Global Malaria Programme.Edited by Data WLC-i-P.Geneva: WHO; 2011: 259.; Yassine H, Osta MA:Anopheles gambiaeinnate immunity.Cell Microbiol, 12(1):1-9.; Davidson G: Insecticide resistance inAnopheles sundaicus.Nature1957, 180(4598): 1333-1335.

  Collection of malaria research works published on world scientific journals (03/17/2014)
  Some publications on the resisitance of Fasciola spp. to Triclabendazole (12/18/2013)
  Introduction of useful parasitological references and publications (12/02/2013)
  Some new malaria research information on Malaria Atlas Projects 2013 (08/16/2013)
   Publications  -  Journal of Practical Medicine  

Journal Watch, Updated Jan 9, 2014 (01/13/2014)

Antimalarial drug discovery - approaches and progress towards new medicines; Blocking malaria transmission to Anopheles mosquitoes using artemisinin derivatives and primaquine: a systematic review and meta-analysis; The complexity of medicinal plants: The traditional Artemisia annua formulation, current status and future perspectives...

  Latest publications on efficacy of anti-malarial drugs for the treatment of Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax (12/12/2013)
  New WHO’s publications on malaria vector control and the treatment of malaria (09/10/2013)
  Latest references and publications of Tsutsugamushi disease (06/18/2013)
  Latest references and publications of malaria (06/18/2013)
   Mass organization activities  -  Trade Union  

2013 mass performance festival of health sector- region VII (01/10/2014)

On December 14, 2013, in Quy Nhon city, the mass performance festival of the health sector- region VII (Central Vietnam), hosted by the IMPE-Quy Nhon, has made the choice of special items for the performances at the national variety festival saluting 59th anniversary of Vietnamese Doctor's Day o­n 27 February 2014 in Ha Noi.

  The IMPE-QN celebrates and launches the patriotic movements on the occasion of the 58th Vietnam Doctors' Day (03/13/2013)
   Mass organization activities  -  Ho Chi Minh Youth Union  

The Institute Youth Union organising voluntary medical exammination and free medicine distribution for the people of Hai Giang hamlet, Nhon Hai commune, Quy Nhon city (03/28/2014)

Implementing the plan No.01/KH-DTN of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCMCYU) Executive Committee of IMPE-Quy Nhon o­n launching activities to respond to the "Year of Young Volunteers 2014" and saluting the establishment date of the HCMCYU 26th March, the Youth Union (YU) of IMPE-Quy Nhon in coordination with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Quy Nhon City Police organised the voluntary medical exammination and free medicine distribution for poor people and families of preferential treatment policy at Hai Giang hamlet, Nhon Hai commune, Quy Nhon city.

  The Institute Youth Union gives voluntary medical examination and treatment in Van Canh district, Binh Dinh province (04/12/2013)
   Malariology  -  Epidemiology  

Global malaria connectivity through air travel (08/16/2013)

The worldwide air travel network has expanded at an exceptional rate over the past century. International passenger numbers are projected to rise from 1.11 billion in 2011 to 1.45 billion by 2016, with an annual growth rate of 5.3%. Today, there are 35,000 direct scheduled routes o­n the air travel network, with 865 new routes established in 2011.

  Reduction of malaria infections in Central Vietnam in October 2012 (12/13/2012)
   Malariology  -  Diagnosis and Treament  

Scientists develop microscopy system for diagnosing malaria faster (03/14/2014)
Diagnosing malaria with a microscope isn't easy. Not o­nly does it take time, but a lot of practice is needed. A team of German researchers has now made a machine that could help.

  Children at Risk Despite Malaria Treatment (09/25/2013)
  A New Way To Make The Most Powerful Malaria Drug (04/12/2013)
  LSTM study leads WHO to update its malaria prevention policy (03/06/2013)
   Malariology  -  Antimalarial drugs and drug resistant parasites  

Antibiotics Overuse is Price of Success in Africa Malaria Fight (03/18/2014)

As malaria rates decline across much of Africa, a new study seeks to fight another problem. Drug-resistant bacteria are a growing concern as antibiotics have become the automatic choice for treating a child with a fever. Research from Tanzania, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that most illnesses are caused by viral infections.  Antibiotics do not kill viruses, and overuse of these important drugs is decreasing their effectiveness.

  WHO Unveils New Malaria 'Roadmap' (12/02/2013)
  UK firm seeks to market world's first malaria vaccine (10/31/2013)
  Soldiers at risk from anti-malarial drug, claims ex-senior medical officer (09/27/2013)
  New Malaria Drug Shows Promise in Animal Tests (03/27/2013)
   Malariology  -  Molecular - biology  

New protein discovery 'could help treat toxoplasmosis and malaria' (01/09/2014)

Research led by a team of investigators at the Indiana University School of Medicine has detailed the discovery of a new protein and other proteins it connects with, which they say could lead to the development of new drugs that control toxoplasma gondii- the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis.

   Helminthology  -  Platyhelminthes  

Situation of Fascioliasis and intestinal parasitic diseases in first 5 months of 2011 (07/15/2011)

Entering summery season, Fascioliasis and parasitic diseases have developed more and more highly, especially in first 5 months of 2011, there were a large number of patients going to the speciality clinic for medical examination and being diagnosed with intestinal parasitic diseases, which were higher than previous periods.

  Fascioliasis and intestinal parasitic diseases in Central Vietnam tending to increase highly in first 4 months of 2011 (06/24/2011)
  The detection and treatment of helminthic diseases at the Institute's specialist clinic in the first three months of 2011 (04/15/2011)
  Fascioliasis and emerging parasitic diseases - the issues should be resolved (02/16/2011)
  Fascioliasis and intestinal parasitic diseases control activities of IMPE-Quy Nhon in the first half of 2010. (09/01/2010)
   Other vector-borne diseases  -  Dengue fever/ Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever  

Setback for dengue-blocking mosquito trial in Vietnam – Scidev.net (02/24/2014)

A project to introduce mosquitoes that could potentially block dengue virus o­n an island off Vietnam has run into an early hurdle: the number of mosquitoes carrying a bacteria that prevents them from transmitting dengue is falling below the target level.

  Vietnam releases dengue-blocking mosquito (12/19/2013)
  Dengue fever situation in Phu Yen in 2013: Risks and forecasts (09/30/2013)
  ASEAN joins hands for dengue-free community (06/18/2013)
  Marking ASEAN Dengue Day 2013 (06/18/2013)
  The Provincial Malaria Control Centre of Dak Lak (12/17/2012)
  The Provincial Centre of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology of Kon Tum (12/17/2012)
  The Provincial Centre of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology of Gia Lai (12/17/2012)
  The Provincial Malaria - Goiter Control Centre of Binh Thuan (12/14/2012)
  The Provincial Centre of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology of Ninh Thuan (12/14/2012)
  The Provincial Center of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology of Khanh Hoa (12/14/2012)
  The Centre for Preventive Medicine of Phu Yen (12/14/2012)
  Binh Dinh Center for the Prevention of Malaria and Endocrinology (12/14/2012)
  The Provincial Malaria Control Centre of Quang Ngai (12/14/2012)
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