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Dr. Pham Hong Phuong, M.Sc., M.D, Head of Quang Ngai Provincial Health Service in his opening speech.
Workshop on reviewing activities of malaria and helminthiasis control in 2008, and planning for 2009 in Quang Ngai province

24 April, 2009. At Quang Ngai Provincial Health Service, the Provincial Malaria Centre (PMC) held the workshop o­n reviewing the activities of malaria and helminthiasis control in 2008, and planning for 2009. Participated in the workshop included Dr. Pham Hong Phuong, Director and staff of Quang Ngai Provincial Health Service; Dr. Nguyen Van Chuong, Vice-Director, IMPE-Quy Nhon, leaderships from Quang Ngai Provincial Malaria Centre and Quang Ngai Centre for Health Education and Communication; leaderships from district health centres and health offices of 13 districts; and representatives from Army Health Unit, Division No. 307 and Provincial Border Guard.

In comparision with 2007, all the major malaria indicators in 2008 were lower, exceeding the planned figures: 38.71% lower in malaria morbidity and 45.10% down in malaria morbidity per 1,000 population; 66.67% less malaria cases; no deaths or outbreaks from the diseases reported. Regarding to technical aspects, there were 182,804 people (101.46%) protected by insecticide measures; 50,790 blood slides taken and examined (101,0%); and 10,824 person-times (63.67%) treated with malaria.

Mr. Le Quang Hai, Head-Quang Ngai Provincial Malaria
Control Centre reviewing the activities in 2008

Representative of the Army health sector giving speech

For 2008 o­nly, the provincial malaria centre coordinated with district health centres and communal health stations to organise 17 surveillances o­n epidemiology, entomology and other activities regarding insecticidal spraying and impregnation, as well as treatment of malaria at 17 sites of malaria endemic areas. In addition, the whole province conducted 7 courses o­n diagnosis and treatment of malaria at village levels, 2 courses for private practitioners, and o­ne course o­n vector control measures. The provincial malaria control centre also carried out the cooperative work with the army health sector in malaria diagnosis and treatment for people living in the border areas.

Besides malaria control activities, the Quang Ngai provincial malaria control centre conducted various helmintic control measures. In 2008, 100,191 primary school children were given deworming drugs. Furthermore, the centre also joined with the IMPE-Quy Nhon, the Quang Ngai provincial general hospital and the provincial health department in implementing fascioliasis surveillance in some highly-endemic communes of the disease.

In his directive speech at the workshop, Dr. Nguyen Van Chuong, Vice-Director of IMPE-Quy Nhon focussed o­n the opportunities and challenges by which Quang Ngai PMC has to deal with in carrying out the plan for 2009, especially the close surveillance of epidemiology, entomology, diagnosis and treatment of malaria in endemica areas. For helmintic control measures, there should be establishment of microscopic network at the grass-roots levels, which will facilitate prompt detection and timely treatment of helminthiases. The workshop was presented by two reports together with useful discussions. Suggestions from the workshops included:

1.  Additional health staff should be taken into account in areas with frequent subtitutions, especially in Son Tay district;

2.  Training o­n diagmosis and treatment of malaria should be delivered to communal and district levels;

3.   Vector control measures should be extended to two communes of Tra Lanh and Tra Tho of Tay Tra district;

4.   Health education and communication should be carried out directly with familiar context and in local dialect for better results;

5.   Civil-army cooperation in health care strategies should be improved;

6.  Microscopic points should be maintained, together with improved reporting system;

7.  There should be plan for protecting about 3,000 workers at the Dakzin Hydro-electric plant in Son Tay district.


 Participants to the Workshop

            O­n behalf of the Quang Ngai Provincial Malaria Control Centre, Mr.Le Quang Hai finalised the workshop and also considered the suggestions raised in the workshop for possible solutions.

Translated by Tran Minh Quy  


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