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·Epidemiology and individual, household and geographical risk factors of podoconiosis in Ethiopia: results from the first nationwide mapping

American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

2015, Issue: 92(1), Pages: 148-158

Authors: Deribe K, Brooker SJ, Pullan RL, Sime H, Gebretsadik A, Assefa A, Kebede A, Hailu A, Rebollo M, Shafi O, Bockarie M, Aseffa A, Reithinger R, Cano Ortega J, Enguselassie F, Newport M, Davey G

·Integrating Data and Resources o­n Neglected Tropical Diseases for Better Planning: The NTD Mapping Tool (NTDmap.org)

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

2015, Issue: 9(2), Pages: e0003400

Authors: Flueckiger RM, Nikolay B, Gelderblom HC, Smith JL, Haddad D, Tack W, Hendrickx G, Addiss DG, Cano Ortega J, Hatcher DR, Hopkins A, Pullan RL, Pavluck A, Ottesen E, Brooker SJ

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The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

2015, Issue: 92, Pages: 342-353

Authors: Smith JL, Sturrock HJW, Assefa LM, Nikolay B, Njenga SM, Kihara JH, Mwandawiro CS, Brooker SJ

·Malaria in school-age children in Africa: an increasingly important challenge

Tropical Medicine & International Health

2014, Issue: 19 (11), Pages: 1294–1309

Authors: Nankabirwa JI, Brooker SJ, Clarke SE, Fernando D, Gitonga CW, Schellenberg D, Greenwood B

·The global distribution and transmission limits of lymphatic filariasis: past and present

Parasites & Vectors

2014, Issue: 7, Pages: 466

Authors: Cano Ortega J, Rebollo M, Golding N, Pullan RL, Crellen T, Soler A, Kelly-Hope LA, Lindsay S, Hay SI, Bockarie M, Brooker SJ

·Sensitivity of diagnostic tests for human soil-transmitted helminth infections: a meta-analysis in the absence of a true gold standard

International Journal for Parasitology

2014, Issue: 44 (11), Pages: 765–774

Authors: Nikolay B, Brooker SJ, Pullan RL

·Integrated mapping of lymphatic filariasis and podoconiosis: lessons learnt from Ethiopia

Parasites & Vectors

2014, Issue: 7, Pages: 397

Authors: Sime H, Deribe K, Assefa A, Newport M, Enquselassie F, Gebretsadik A, Kebede A, Hailu A, Shafi O, Aseffa A, Reithinger R, Brooker SJ, Pullan RL, Cano Ortega J, Meribo K, Pavluck A, Bockarie M, Rebollo M, Davey G

·Can chemotherapy alone eliminate the transmission of soil transmitted helminths?

Parasites & Vectors

2014, Issue: 7, Pages: 266

Authors: Truscott JE, Hollingsworth TD, Brooker SJ, Anderson RM

·Diagnostic Accuracy and Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Methods for Detection of Soil-Transmitted Helminths in a Post-Treatment Setting in Western Kenya

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

2014, Issue: 8(5), Pages: e2843

Authors: Assefa LM, Crellen T, Kepha S, Kihara JH, Njenga SM, Pullan RL, Brooker SJ

·Impact of Intermittent Preventive Treatment With Dihydroartemisinin-Piperaquine o­n Malaria in Ugandan Schoolchildren: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Clinical Infectious Diseases

2014, Issue: 58 (10), Pages: 1404-1412

Authors: Nankabirwa JI, Wandera B, Amuge P, Kiwanuka N, Dorsey G, Rosenthal PJ, Brooker SJ, Staedke SG, Kamya MR

·Geographical Inequalities in Use of Improved Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation across Sub-Saharan Africa: Mapping and Spatial Analysis of Cross-sectional Survey Data

PLoS Medicine

2014, Issue: 11(4), Pages: e1001626

Authors: Pullan RL, Freeman MC, Gething PW, Brooker SJ

·Global numbers of infection and disease burden of soil transmitted helminth infections in 2010

Parasites & Vectors

2014, Issue: 7, Pages: 37

Authors: Pullan RL, Smith JL, Jasrasaria R, Brooker SJ

·Impact of Intermittent Screening and Treatment for Malaria among School Children in Kenya: A Cluster Randomised Trial

PLoS Medicine

2014, Issue: 11(1), Pages: e1001594

Authors: Halliday KE, Okello G, Turner EL, Njagi K, Mcharo C, Kengo J, Allen E, Dubeck MM, Jukes MCH, Brooker SJ

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Authors: Nankabirwa JI, Wandera B, Kiwanuka N, Staedke SG, Kamya MR, Brooker SJ

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American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

2013, Issue: 89, Pages: 875-883

Authors: Freeman MC, Clasen T, Brooker SJ, Akoko DO, Rheingans R

·subjects and by author and year.

·Challenges for consent and community engagement in the conduct of cluster randomized trial among school children in low income settings: experiences from Kenya


2013, Issue: 14, Pages: 142

Authors: Okello G, Jones C, Bonareri M, Ndegwa SN, Mcharo C, Kengo J, Kinyua K, Dubeck MM, Halliday KE, Jukes MC, Molyneux S, Brooker SJ

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·Comparing the Performance of Cluster Random Sampling and Integrated Threshold Mapping for Targeting Trachoma Control, Using Computer Simulation

PloS Neglected Tropical Diseases

2013, Issue: 7(8), Pages: e2389

Authors: Smith JL, Sturrock HJW, Olives C, Solomon AW, Brooker SJ

·Mapping neglected tropical diseases: a global view

Community Eye Health Journal

2013, Issue: 26 (82), Pages: 32

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PloS Neglected Tropical Diseases

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·Spatial Distribution of Podoconiosis in Relation to Environmental Factors in Ethiopia: A Historical Review

PLoS o­ne

2013, Issue: 8(7), Pages: 0068330

Authors: Deribe K, Brooker SJ, Pullan RL, Hailu A, Enquselassie F, Reithinger R, Newport M, Davey G

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Parasites & Vectors

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BMJ Open

2013, Issue: 2, Pages: e001936

Authors: Pullan RL, Gitonga CW, Mwandawiro CS, Snow RW, Brooker SJ

·How effective is school-based deworming for the community-wide control of soil-transmitted helminths?

PloS Neglected Tropical Diseases

2013, Issue: 7(2), Pages: e2027

Authors: Anderson RM, Truscott JE, Pullan RL, Brooker SJ, Hollingsworth TD

·The use of bivariate spatial modeling of questionnaire and parasitology data to predict the distribution of schistosoma haematobium in coastal Kenya

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

2013, Issue: 7(1), Pages: e2016

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·Plasmodium infection, anaemia and mosquito net use among school children across different settings in Kenya

Tropical Medicine & International Health

2012, Issue: 17, Pages: 858-870

Authors: Gitonga CW, Edwards T, Karanja P, Noor AM, Snow RW, Brooker SJ

·Local perceptions of intermittent screening and treatment for malaria in school children o­n the south coast of Kenya

Malaria Journal

2012, Issue: 11, Pages: 185

Authors: Okello G, Ndegwa SN, Halliday KE, Hanson K, Brooker SJ, Jones C

·Spatial parasite ecology and epidemiology: a review of methods and applications


2012, Issue: 139(14), Pages: 1870-87

Authors: Pullan RL, Sturrock HJW, Soares Magalhães RJ, Clements ACA, Brooker SJ

·Integrated rapid mapping of neglected tropical diseases in three States of South Sudan: survey findings and treatment needs

PLoS o­ne

2012, Issue: 7(12), Pages: e52789

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Malaria Journal

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International Health

2011, Issue: 3, Pages: 165-175

Authors: Sturrock HJW, Gething PW, Ashton RA, Kolaczinski JH, Kabatereine NB, Brooker SJ

·The applications of model-based geostatistics in helminth epidemiology and control

Advances in Parasitology

2011, Issue: 74, Pages: 267-296

Authors: Magalhães RJ, Clements ACA, Patil AP, Gething PW, Brooker SJ

·Mapping helminth co-infection and co-intensity: geostatistical prediction in Ghana

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

2011, Issue: 5(6), Pages: e1200

Authors: Magalhães RJ, Biritwum NK, Gyapong JO, Brooker SJ, Zhang Y, Blair L, Fenwick A, Clements ACA

·Spatial modelling of soil-transmitted helminth infections in Kenya: a disease control planning tool

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

2011, Issue: 5 (2), Pages: e598

Authors: Pullan RL, Gething PW, Smith JL, Mwandawiro CS, Sturrock HJW, Gitonga CW, Hay SI, Brooker SJ

·Implementing school malaria surveys in Kenya: towards a national surveillance system

Malaria Journal

2010, Issue: 9, Pages: 306

Authors: Gitonga CW, Karanja P, Kihara JH, Mwanje MT, Juma E, Snow RW, Noor AM, Brooker SJ

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American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

2010, Issue: 82(6), Pages: 1079-1087

Authors: Sturrock HJW, Gething PW, Clements ACA, Brooker SJ

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Tropical Medicine and International Health

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Tropical Medicine & International Health

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Trends in Parasitology

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·Norman Stoll's seminal work

Journal of Parasitology

1947, Issue: 33, Pages: 1-18

Authors: Stoll NR 

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