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 Malariology Malaria Vaccines
Latest malaria vaccine news: Recent stories and articles on malaria vaccine developments around the world

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A malaria vaccine works, with limits

August 12, 2013- A new type of malaria vaccine gave 100 percent protection against infection to a small number of volunteers in recent tests-but under conditions that would be nearly impossible to reproduce in the countries where most malaria victims live.
The New York Times

Malaria vaccine shows early promise in clinical trials

August 8, 2013- A malaria vaccine has shown promising results in early stage clinical trials, according to researchers.
BBC News

Zapped malaria parasite raises vaccine hopes

August 8, 2013- A malaria vaccine has become the first to provide 100% protection against the disease, confounding critics and far surpassing any other experimental malaria vaccine tested. It will now be tested further in clinical trials in Africa.

Children help researchers solve malaria vaccine puzzle

July 22, 2013- Australian researchers have found promising new targets for a vaccine to prevent malaria, a disease that kills more than 600,000 people every year. Researchers at Melbourne's Burnet Institute and the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research recently studied 200 children in PNG to see how their immune systems had responded to malaria parasites commonly found in the region.
The Sydney Morning Herald

Malaria eradication: is it possible? Is it worth it? Should we do it?

July 2013- The malaria map is rapidly shrinking. In 1900, endemic malaria was present in almost every country. Nowadays, the disease has been eliminated in 111 countries and 34 countries are advancing towards elimination. Elimination is defined as the absence of transmission in a defined geography-typically a country. Successful malaria control programmes in the remaining 64 countries with o­ngoing transmission have helped to reduce global incidence by 17% and mortality by 26% since 2000. For the 34 eliminating countries, the reductions were 85% in incidence and 87% in mortality. This progress is encouraging, but is worldwide eradication of human malaria possible? If so, is it a worthwhile goal and should we commit to it?
The Lancet Global Health

Vivax malaria eradication: where are we now?

June 25, 2013- The re-establishment of malaria eradication as an international goal has repositioned Plasmodium vivax o­n the malaria research agenda. Papers devoted to this species have more than doubled during the last decade, and in recent years, four scientific conferences have been devoted to this malaria species, the last o­ne in May 2013, in Barcelona, Spain.
The Lancet Global Health Blog

A fresh start, back in Brazil, at 85

June 25, 2013- Ruth and Victor Nussenzweig have reached a point in their careers when most scientist-couples probably would choose a well-deserved retirement. Based at New York University (NYU) in New York City, the Nussenzweigs, who are both 85-they have been married for 60 years-have already had long, successful, independent careers. While Ruth has focused o­n providing the basis for the development of a malaria vaccine, Victor concentrated o­n basic immunology, studying the structure and function of various immune components and the parasitology of malaria and Chagas disease.
Science Careers

GlaxoSmithKline launches Africa charity partnership

May 10, 2013- Britain's biggest drug manufacturer has launched a new partnership with Save the Children to develop medicines to tackle child mortality in Africa.
BBC News

Opinion pieces published in recognition of World Malaria Day

April 26, 2013- Wednesday was World Malaria Day, observed annually o­n April 25. This year's theme was "Invest in the future: defeat malaria." The following is a summary of opinion pieces published in recognition of the day.

Crenshaw and Davis: Ending the scourge of malaria

April 26, 2013- Although our nation is facing tough fiscal challenges, we have seen incredible returns o­n some of our investments, particularly in global health, and we simply cannot afford to turn our backs o­n these commitments now.
The Washington Times

Africa: Malaria - the o­ngoing fight against an old, adaptive foe

April 25, 2013- As the global public health community solemnly marks World Malaria Day, attention turns to the human toll enacted by this deadly disease and the measures needed to eradicate it.
All Africa

Anti-malaria vaccine a few tests away

April 25, 2013- So far, over 30 vaccine candidates have been discontinued, and researchers are working to improve RTS,S in the hope that, by 2025, the world will have a malaria vaccine that reduces the disease by 80 per cent and protects for longer.
Daily Nation

Hope for wiping out malaria vested in vaccines

April 25, 2013- The last 10 years have seen significant gains in the fight against malaria. Around the world, cases of the disease have dropped-so too the number of deaths. But malaria still kills an estimated 660,000 people every year, most of them African children. The gains are fragile and could easily be reversed. o­n World Malaria Day, international Geneva correspondent, Vincent Landon, takes a look at where we are in the war o­n malaria and why new hope is vested in vaccines.
World Radio Switzerland

April 2013: World Malaria Day supplement

April 25, 2013- Special supplement issued withThe Independenton World Malaria Day.
The Independent

US promotes active surveillance in global fight against malaria

April 24, 2013- In the 13 years since the United Nations first marked April 25 as World Malaria Day, dramatic progress has been made in preventing, controlling and treating this deadly tropical disease. Experts believe that with improved surveillance and more diligent treatment efforts, the disease could be soon be eradicated.
Voice of America

Decade of Vaccines supplement features PATH contributors

April 18, 2013- The journalVaccinehas published a special supplement dedicated to the Decade of Vaccines Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) that features articles by PATH contributors and others o­n the GVAP strategic objectives and the opportunities and challenges associated with its implementation.
PATH press room

Crossing borders: Sub-Saharan Africa is focus of efforts to defeat a killer

March 24, 2013- The face of malaria today is not children's author Theodor Seuss Geisel's "party gal Ann" but an African child. Malaria is the No. 1 killer of children under age 5.
The Sacramento Bee

Failing vaccine strategies need to be revamped

March 5, 2013- New approaches are needed to reverse the trend of disappointing vaccines against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, argues biotech expert Thomas Egwang.

The quest to end malaria deaths by 2015: The search for an effective malaria vaccine

February 19, 2013- Malaria is a treatable and preventable disease. However, the disease continues to claim lives, especially of children under five years of age and pregnant women.
Atlas Corps

Probing the malarial shape shifters

February 6, 2013- Developing nano tools to study the parasites at the root of o­ne of the world's greatest health threats.
MIT Industrial Liaison Program

Study of candidate malaria vaccine shows results in Ethiopia

February 6, 2013- Scientists recently studied the nature of humoral immune responses to a malaria vaccine candidate in two Ethiopian ethnic groups living in malaria-endemic regions.
Vaccine News Daily

European Commission commits to fight against pregnancy-associated malaria

February 6, 2013-The European Commission recently dedicated six million Euros toward the development of a candidate vaccine against pregnancy-associated malaria.
Vaccine NewsDaily

Bill Gates: Malaria can be eradicated

January 25, 2013- Deadly diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and HIV that afflict the world's poorest the most can be eradicated, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said, but he worries austerity measures could clip some public funding.

Intractable malaria parasites made to thrive in human cell culture

January 21, 2013- Much of what we know about the species of parasite responsible for the malaria widespread in Africa was learnt from studying the parasite's biology and gene expression in human red blood cells in vitro.

Scientists in Benin unveil enhanced malaria test

January 21, 2013- Researchers in Benin say they have developed an improved method for detecting malaria parasites in mosquito vectors that could help yield better estimates of malaria transmission intensity in different settings.

New plans to improve malaria vaccine

January 19, 2013- Scientists have started a new project to enhance the malaria vaccine, giving fresh impetus to the fight against the killer disease.
The East African

Here I am: Focus o­n malaria elimination-an interview with Dr. Roly Gosling

January 17, 2013- This week, an important meeting o­n the monitoring and evaluation of malaria control policies is taking place. The Monitoring & Evaluation Reference Group (MERG) meeting, convened by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership is taking place in Namibia. This is an interview with Dr. Roly Gosling, an international expert o­n malaria who currently leads the Malaria Elimination Initiative at the University of California, San Francisco, Global Health Group.
Huffington Post

Funding the future: Getting pharmaceuticals to tackle disease in Africa

January 17, 2013- The RTS,S trial was not the success the public health community was hoping for-especially given that earlier trials showed 55% efficacy in children between 5 and 17 months. But it is still too early to give up o­n the vaccine, and more detailed results from the trial are set for release in 2014.
Think Africa Press

Africa: Working toward malaria eradication the "only viable long-term strategy"

January 10, 2013- Dr. David Brandling-Bennett, deputy director of the malaria programme at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, says that recent success in Zambia is proof that real progress can be made in the fight against malaria. AllAfrica recently spoke with him about current tools being used to fight the disease, the prospect for a vaccine and the hope of new drugs to accelerate progress.
All Africa

PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative and Inovio Pharmaceuticals partner to accelerate evelopment of malaria vaccines and innovative delivery technologies

January 7, 2013- The PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI) and Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE MKT: INO) today announced a follow-on collaboration to advance malaria vaccine development and new vaccination delivery technologies.
Philadelphia Business Journal

Search for new malaria vaccine begins

January 7, 2013- A new project to advance malaria vaccine development and new vaccine delivery technologies has been launched.
The Guardian Nigeria

PATH's malaria team partners with Inovio o­n new vaccine approach

January 7, 2013- Seattle-based PATH is partnering with Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. to work o­n the global health organization?s Malaria Vaccine Initiative.
Puget Sound Business Journal

Don't mind the mosquito in 2013

January 4, 2013- Scientists across the world and in Africa are making vast advances o­n vaccinations and treatments for diseases like malaria and tuberculosis.
The Africa Report

(Source: http://www.malariavaccine.org)  


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