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 Collaborative activities
The chairmanship of the Workshop.
Regional Workshop on Malaria: Orienting health systems towards effective control and elimination of malaria in the GMS

From June 28-30, 2017 in Lao Plaza Hotel, Vientiane, the Department of Communicable Disease Control (DCDC), Ministry of Health, Lao PDR organized the Regional Workshop o­n orienting health systems towards effective control and elimination of malaria in the GMS.

Participants to the workshop included experts from the National Malaria Control Program of countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Viet Nam and other related international organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO/WPRO), Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), International Organization for Migration (IOM), Population Services International (PSI); Kelaniya Srilanca University; Global Fund, APLMA, etc. Vietnamese delegation consisted of 08 members with 05 members of the National Institute of Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology (NIMPE), IMPE-Quy Nhon and IMPE-Ho Chi Minh City, 02 members of the General Department of Preventive Medicine and Vietnam CDC II Project, and 02 members of the Provincial Center for Disease Control of Binh Phuoc and the Provincial Center for Preventative Medicine of Dak Nong.

Vietnamese delegation at the Workshop

The goal of the Workshop was to identify the key elements of the health systems and the requirements to enhance the effectiveness of malaria control and elimination programs in the GMS. The workshop also set out the specific objectives:

1. To indentify multisectoral approaches, cross-border and regional cooperation;

2. To define capacity-building measures to manage malaria programs effectively;

3. To identify innovative and cost-effective approaches to improve health systems and respond to malaria programs;

4. To determine the issues of access and equity for vulnerable and hard-to-reach people.


 Participants to the Workshop

The chairmanship of the Workshop

           The outputs of the Workshop was to give directions of practical steps to improve the responding capacity of the health systems to malaria, including priority training and capacity development; strengthening control and prevention measures; strengthening the management and monitoring of malaria programs. Besides, the initiative of potential policies can be implemented in GMS such as improved access to drugs and services; mechanism of effective cooperation with other sectors and regional partners and lessons learned from successful malaria elimination programs and their applications to other GMS countries.

Under the chairmanship of Dr. Bounlay Phommasack, Director of DCDC, Lao PDR, the Workshop has unanimously approved the solutions and commitments, which mainly focused o­n the following issues:

1. Solutions to effectively implement malaria control strategies in GMS countries;

2. Maintaining and strengthening the core systems and capabilities and consolidating processes;

3. Integrating and institutionalizing the prevention and treatment of malaria in the health system;

4. Better cooperation in sharing knowledge and information among countries in the region;

5. Agreement o­n the implementation of improved measures to prevent and eliminate malaria.

     In addition, the heads of other countries' delegations also expressed their views o­n strategies to prevent and eliminate malaria more effectively in the health system.

Ho Dac Thoan, MSc. in his report at the Workshop

 Groupwork at the Workshop

           The workshop ended successfully with the objectives and expectations achieved. In his ending speech, Dr. Bounlay Phommasack hoped that the results of the Workshop would help the National Program for Malaria Prevention and Elimination to orient and improve the health systems in the region, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the Program. He also hoped for further workshops to share experience as well as approve a number of measures to prevent and eliminate malaria, especially artemisinine-resistant malaria in the GMS.


Written by Ho Dac Thoan. MSc.
Translated by Huynh Thi An Khang
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