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 Collaborative activities
IMPE-QN welcomes international units to visit and exchange research cooperation

On May 26, 2023, the Institute of Malariology, Parasitology, and Entomology Quy Nhon (IMPE-QN) had a meeting with international expert groups that have been cooperating with IMPE-QN in research and treatment of malaria, and other infectious diseases in Central Vietnam. The meeting aimed to further enhance groundbreaking applied and fundamental scientific research, cooperation and knowledge exchange in the field of malaria, drug-resistant malaria, and some emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases that significantly impact human health in Viet Nam.

On the international partners' side, there were expert groups from the Australian Defence Force Malaria and Infectious Disease Institute (ADFMIDI) under the Australian Department of Defence, the Naval Medical Research Unit Two (NAMRU-2) under the U.S. Navy, and the Australian Defence Attach's Office. Welcoming and working with the experts were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Van Hoang - Director, Dr. Huynh Hong Quang - Vice Director, leaders and staff members.

During this working trip, the Australian expert delegations acknowledged and praised the efforts and contributions of IMPE-QN over the past years. They also recognized that Viet Nam, in general, and IMPE-QN, in particular, have the necessary foundations to achieve malaria elimination by 2030. NAMRU-2 expressed gratitude for the warm and gracious reception and further discussed other potential research collaborations in Viet Nam. They anticipated more extensive changes in the future and expressed a desire for scientific research cooperation with IMPE-QN.


The Australian expert delegations acknowledged the efforts and contributions of IMPE-QN in the progress of malaria elimination in Viet Nam

At the meeting, Assoc.Prof. Ho Van Hoang highly appreciated the delegations' visit to IMPE-QN in the context of increasing emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases in Viet Nam and all over the world. The director stated that international cooperation in scientific research has been o­ne of the main focus of the IMPE-QN's development strategy in the new period towards elimination of malaria and emerging and re-emerging parasitic diseases in Central Vietnam. He highlighted that international collaboration not o­nly facilitates the sharing and updating of medical advancements with various countries but also fosters friendship, unity, and transfer of in-depth research techniques. Through interactions and learning from international colleagues, IMPE-QN has gained valuable experience and developed new research programs, resulting in even more effective research and treatment of malaria and other infectious diseases. This positive impact extends to providing better healthcare services, particularly in remote, deep-lying, and ethnic minority areas of Central Vietnam.


Assoc.Prof. Ho Van Hoang highly appreciated the delegations' visit to IMPE-QN

The meeting took place in a friendly and open atmosphere, leaving a positive and beautiful impression o­n all participants. At the end of the working session, Australian and American experts highly appreciated the team spirit and international professionalism of the technical experts from IMPE-QN. They also praised the research collaboration activities between the countries and affirmed that the o­ngoing research project is evidence of the successful cooperation between Australia and Viet Nam, as well as between the United States and Viet Nam.






Assoc.Prof. Ho Van Hoang offering experts gifts as keepsakes of the friendship


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Van Hoang took commemorative photos with the expert groups at the meeting

Here are some images from the international expert groups' visit to IMPE-QN:






The expert groups from different countries visited the research laboratories at the Institute


Translated by An Khang  
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