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 Collaborative activities
Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan in her opening speech at the meeting (Photo: moh.gov.vn)
Global Fund pledges to help Viet Nam fight AIDS, TB, malaria

On May 10, Peter Sands, the Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, stated that the Fund is dedicated to continuing support for Viet Nam in eradicating these three diseases.

He made the pledge at the two-day 49th Global Fund Board Meeting which opened in Hanoi o­n May 10. He appreciated cooperation between the Vietnamese Government and socio-political organisations in helping many people recover from these diseases.

Vietnamese Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan said that since 2003, the Fund has provided assistance valued at over 650 million USD for activities to fight AIDS, TB and malaria in Viet Nam. It announced in late 2022 that it will fund over 130 million USD for these kinds of activities and health system improvement in Viet Nam for the 2024-2026 period.

In the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and control, after more than 30 years since the first HIV case was detected in Viet Nam in 1990, this is the 15th consecutive year that the epidemic has been kept in check in the country. Over the past 20 years, with contributions of the Global Fund, the HIV/AIDS prevention and control programme has helped nearly 1 million people be prevented from the virus, and saved nearly 200,000 others from dying from AIDS, said Lan.



At the 49th Global Fund Board Meeting in Hanoi (Photo: moh.gov.vn)

In the past two decades, Viet Nam has saved the lives of about 1 million people with TB. 100% of the population has gained access to the TB prevention and control programme.

Meanwhile, in 1991, the whole country recorded more than 1 million cases of malaria, nearly 5,000 deaths and nearly 150 outbreaks. However, in 2022, there were o­nly more than 400 infections, (a decrease of over 90%), and no fatalities. In Viet Nam, 42 out of 63 provinces and cities have eliminated malaria.

The minister said that the country has set a goal to basically end AIDS and tuberculosis and eliminate malaria by 2030. However, each year, Viet Nam still records more than 10,000 cases of HIV infection and about 2,000 AIDS-related deaths. There are still about 30,000 people living with HIV in the community without knowing their status. In addition, the country still faces a heavy burden o­n society and healthcare for more than 220,000 people living with the virus.


Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan and participants to the meeting

In the Global Tuberculosis Report 2022, Viet Nam ranked 11th out of 30 countries with the highest burden in the world. Currently, each year, about 40% of new TB patients are still undetected in the community, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, to eliminate malaria, there are still many challenges due to the situation of drug-resistant malaria, imported malaria, and the risk of re-introduction.

Therefore, the health minister called o­n the Global Fund, countries, organisations and individuals to continue providing support for Viet Nam, and share experience to help the country reach the set target.


Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan presented the Certificate of Merit to the Global Fund Board (Photo: moh.gov.vn)


Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan presented the "For people's health" insignia to the Global Fund Board (Photo: moh.gov.vn)

Also at the meeting, o­n behalf of the Ministry of Health, Minister Dao Hong Lan presented the Certificate of Merit and the "For people's health" insignia to the Global Fund Board to acknowledge with gratitude their positive and effective contributions for the sake of Vietnamese people's healthcare.


Dr. Donald Kaberuka, Chair of the Board of the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria in his statement at the meeting

On behalf of the Global Fund Board, Dr. Donald Kaberuka, Chairman of the Board, expressed his deep gratitude to the Government of Viet Nam, particularly from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their cooperation and support in successfully organizing the meeting. He also emphasized that Viet Nam's success in the prevention and control of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria would serve as an inspiration for other countries in the region and around the world.

On this occasion, delegates lit candles to commemorate those who died of AIDS, TB and malaria; and attended a photo exhibition o­n TB eradication.


The Global Fund's Executive Director Peter Sands and delegates lit candles to commemorate those who died of AIDS, TB and malaria.

(Translated and recapitulated by An Khang)  
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